Where can I buy the honey?

The honey from our beehives in Stora Skuggan can be found at:

Wijnjas Grosshandel – Bergsgatan 24, Kungsholmen.
Urban Deli – Nytorget 4, Södermalm
Urban Deli – Hesselmans Torg 5, Sickla.
Urban Deli – Sveavägen 44, T-Hötorget.
Urban Deli – MOOD Gallerian, City.
Selma Deli – Jaktgatan 4, Norra Djurgårdstaden.
Millesgårdens Lanthandel – Herserudsvägen 28, Lidingö.
Papilles Ost & Chark – Odenvägen 58, Lidingö.
Ett Bageri – Jungfrugatan 70, Östermalm.

What we do.

Bee Urban provides interactive environmental services in urban settings. The services include beehives, biodiversity gardens and habitat creation for pollinating insects and birds.
We target companies, municipalities and other organizations that want to improve their environmental performance and profile. Our services can also contribute to increased well-being in the workplace or customer relationship processes.
Pollinating insects are vital for human survival. Without bees and other pollinators 76% of the cultivated food will disappear or rise sharply in price. Bees need a variety of flowering plants to thrive, both in town and in the country.
Bee Urbans mission is to reconnect the urban dweller with nature through experiencial interaction – by reintroducing the plants and animals we rely upon for our survival to courtyards, terraces and rooftops. In this way, our services also spread knowledge and information about bees and biodiversity and how they relate to sustainable urban development and human well-being.


Bee Urban - #SST12 from Worldfavor Films on Vimeo.

Bee Urban – #SST12

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